Health Managers of the Future: What to do for a Successful Design?


The future of health ecosystem is expected to be very different from today’s context due to developments such as technological advancements, ageing populations, increasing burden of diseases.
It is therefore of critical importance to invest in health management capacities in parallel of these developments in order not to missing the future.

In this sense, our distinguished author Professor Hasan Hüseyin Yıldırım is tried to answer the question of how to design a successful health management in the future? For this, firstly, he is introducing a review framework on future health managers. Secondly he is addressing the future healthcare environment in terms of general trends, technological trends, and policy and governance trends. Lastly he is discussing the issue of what should be done for a successful design in the future health managers.

We believe that our book will contribute to the health management literature and hope that you do enjoy it.

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